Innovative range of lifestyle garden products. It provides bespoke planter solutions for roof gardens, terraces, homes, lounge, pool side, farmhouses and offices perfectly designed for indoor and outdoor usages.

GLOW POTS LED Planters are made from durable weather resistant resin with high temperature tolerance that offers zero maintenance, no rust and no stain.

What makes it so unique

Planters are fitted with LED lights that manifolds its beauty when it lights up.

Comes with the option of Mood lighting (RGB bulb) which is controlled by mobile application and has many modes and exciting features


  • Light weight and high resistant to breakage
  • Made with 100% Virgin UV Stabilized LLD Polyethylene
  • Made of environment friendly composites
  • Unique elevated designs reduces the use if needed soil quantity
  • Expected life 10+ years
  • 100% recyclable material

 We even customize the models as per your requirement.